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Although many are from Norfolk and surrounding communities, our residents hail from all different points of the compass.

They lead active social lives—carrying on daily routines of life that are both private and communal. Most are physically active and quite mobile. A few use walkers and portable oxygen canisters. Bus transportation is available for those who opt not to drive, but many residents drive cars they keep on the premises.

Meadowbrook is located in the heart of Norfolk. The location of Meadowbrook provides easy access to the library, post office, church, chapel, the Berkshire Country Store, and Infinity Hall. 

At home, our residents are engaged in lots of things.  There are plenty of active readers in our group. Cards, bingo, mah jong, and painting are also popular activities. Some even fish in the nearby streams.

Above all else, our residents are good, conscientious, and caring neighbors.


We have 28 total units at Meadowbrook.


There are 7 studio units providing one room to use as both bedroom and living area. A typical studio unit has an area of 430 square feet.


These units include a separate bedroom as well as a living room. There are 18 of these in the building , with a typical space of 500 square feet.


There are 3 two-bedroom units which include two separate bedrooms plus a living room. The typical area for these units is 670 square feet.

Every unit includes a range and refrigerator. All units have at least one large window looking over our property. All reflect the extensive interior remodeling that has taken place over recent years, bringing them up to state-of-the-art quality. Rent for all units includes heat, lights, and water. Eleven of the 28 units have subsidized rent rates where residents receive some form of assistance, depending on their financial circumstances.

Facilities & Features


• Our main entrance has electronic door openers, very handy when carrying groceries! (There are three secure alternative entrances.)

• An elevator, with emergency phone, serves all three floors.

• A large parking area includes marked spaces for residents, guests, and handicapped visitors.


• A carport accommodates 14 vehicles.

• Individual resident mailboxes (and a large outgoing mail box), are located in the main hallway.

• Garbage collection, recycling, and removal occur every Friday.

• Each tenant has a small, secure personal storage area in the basement, suitable for luggage, fans, etc.

• Four coin-operated washers and dryers (two of each) are located on the lower level.

• Maintenance cleans the Common Areas and residents decorate.


•A DIVAR (Digital Versatile Recorder) monitors hall activity 24/7.

• Power outages are served by a standby generator which provides emergency power for the entire building, beginning four (4) seconds after any power failure.

• Both the Fire Station and EMS (Emergency Medical Services) are immediately adjacent to our property.

• A Dedicated Alarm System provides direct notification to emergency responders, identifying the specific location of an incident.

•Smoke detectors, installed in each unit and throughout the building are connected to the Dedicated Alarm System.

•Each apartment has emergency call-for-aid cords.


• The Visiting Nurse Association regularly offers blood pressure checks -  a service available to all members of the public.

• The Chore Service offers assistance when a resident is temporarily disabled.

• Senior Exercise classes are provided onsite by the Town of Norfolk Recreation Committee. Free of Charge!

• Senior Yoga classes are provided with a certified physical trainer at a local church by the Town of Norfolk.  Also free!

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